The Fall

And night dissolves into day. And falling turns into flying. And paths blend into adventures.

And a timid wind brushes through the branches. And the smell of an oak tree caresses the dew forgotten on the surface of the leaves. And the vines embracing the bark strengthen their delicate grip. And the birds suspend their chorus, observing the lush ballet happening underneath their silky feathers.


My body, this uneasy but vital vehicle of my awaken existence, vanished few breaths ago when the movements of my chest slowed down, and pushed me inside my true secret self.

Wandering weightless amongst the trees, I feel their crown politely nodding, acknowledging my presence. I am welcome here.

Slowly a thought finds its way inside of me, it climbs into my subconscious, spreading like a million ants: "There is no forest, you are the forest".


It grows inside of me, transforming my trembling into palpitating cymbals.

BAM! What was peace a breath ago, turns into a spectacular chaos.

BAM! Birds flush out of the trees, the deafening concert of their panicked calls drowning out the metallic flap of their wings.

BAM! Leaves fall out the sky like bullets, piercing the ground, scattering soil in all directions.

BAM! Trees swaying in the rhythm of the blasts, their roots moving like fingers on a piano, following the staccato of the orchestra.
BAM! The fall is coming, I can feel it.


One breath and everything is quiet again.


Trees return to their wise nods, birds gently fly back to the branches, moss sluggishly reconquers the rocks.

And harmony is floating in the forest,
And I am floating in harmony.
And tonight I am the forest.


Photographs by Christof Dorner,
Words by Virginie Caplet and Christof Dorner