One Last Run (2018)

In January 2018 I released my first photography zine. Here's a summary of the story:

James Dippery lived in East Dean during the 18th century, just a few miles inland from the coast in East Sussex. He was a well-established local smuggler who amassed an enormous fortune from illicit activities.
After getting arrested, he turned King’s evidence in return for his freedom. He retired and settled down a free man.
This is is a fictional story of James Dippery’s last smuggling run. 

The photographs in this zine have been taken with an Impossible Project I-1 camera on expired Impossible Project 600 black and white instant film. Impossible Project is now called Polaroid Originals.

Edition: First 25 copies are limited and numbered, afterwards signed open edition
Size: A5
Paper: 300gsm matt laminate cover, 130gsm silk content
Pages: 32 (incl. cover)
Language: English