2017, photograph taken by Virginie Caplet.



I am Christof Dorner, a photographer and printmaker based in Berlin, Germany.

Photography, and specifically traditional black and white film photography is a way for me to grab the viewer's attention and guide them through a story. I love spending time in the darkroom and bringing photographs to life.

I am obsessed with taking photographs of trees. I have a few hundred negatives at home with treetops against a mostly blown out, white sky. I know there is a project in there somewhere but I can’t put my finger on it yet. So, for now, I’ll happily run around forests with my cameras and take photographs of trees. Or I photograph them in the city with the small camera I carry around wherever I go.

I have this dream of one day living in a forest and have my very own darkroom in a garden shed. This is the origin of the idea of the Silver Birch Shed, and all the time I spend developing my photography craft is pointing in that direction. In late 2017 I started selling my art to fund this dream of the Silver Birch Shed, you can see what's available here, or contact me if you want to have another of my photographs printed.

For inquiries please contact me via email, Instagram, or Facebook.